Small, gospel-centered groups That Uniquely
carry out the mission of jesus in their communities.

Three driving purposes of home churches

1. Community

To fellowship and encourage each other in the faith.

2. Worship

To pursue God together through study, worship, and prayer.

3. Mission

To share the gospel with friends, neighbors, and coworkers. 

About leading a home church

Home church leaders play a critical role in our mission to lead people into discipleship of Jesus.
Because this role is so important, we take great care when enlisting them.

Take a minute to review the following leader qualifications and expectations.
If, after consideration, you are interested in pursuing leadership, click the button below
and someone on our staff will contact you about next steps.  


  • Have been a disciple of Jesus Christ (two years or more).
  • Recognize the Bible as the authority for their lives. 
  • Have home church (or small group) experience. 
  • Feel comfortable sharing the gospel in conversational terms. 
  • Have the time, emotional capacity, and moral discernment to lead a group. 


  • Commit to regular prayer and fasting. 
  • Facilitate home church gatherings and promote participation among members. 
  • Monitor the spiritual health of members. 
  • Prepare the group to multiply. 
  • Recognize the influence associated with group leadership and act in a manner worthy of that influence. 
  • Engage in leadership development opportunities provided by East Cobb Church of Christ.